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This summer’s water comes in ecological packaging!

Summer, heat, high temperatures. I know what you need: a cold water that will drop your body temperature and make you feel cool while the sun looks aggressively at your body. But which one will you choose? What would you say, this year, to make a difference and choose the first water in Greece that thinks and respects the environment? Choose MINOA water.

Rich in magnesium with ideal metal ratios, the unique water in paper packaging, comes to become the breath of coolness you need. Its taste? Premium, as well as its ingredients. Because, you deserve your summer ally this year to take care of your health as well.

MINOA water has an ecological conscience, as it is available in Tetra Prisma® Aseptic packaging, with a fairly modern and cool design. Made from high quality wood – which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council with the FSC ™ label, thus ensuring that it comes from well-managed forests and other renewable sources – its recyclable packaging retains the freshness and flavor of the water, up to the moment where you will take the last sip. Oh, do not forget to tell you that after each use, the lid closes again, so that the next time you want to enjoy its coolness, do it as if you were opening the package for the first time. Perfect?

At the same time, the strict process of selection and production of its packaging is in line with the modern needs of the environment, as it minimizes the impact of the product on it. In essence, MINOA water embraces your desire for continuous hydration during the hottest time of the year, as well as for a cleaner environment, reducing pollution in your own way. You will find it from the company Waterfresh A.E in size 750 ml and 1000 ml, to enjoy it with your friends or alone, while the mercury goes up.

So what would you say this summer finds you like that? At sea or in the pool, that is, with the paper packaging of the refreshing MINOA in hand?